Oracle 10g Meta Characters

Matches zero or more occurrences
Alteration operator for specifying alternative matches
Matches the start-of-line/end-of-line
[ ]
Bracket expression for a matching list matching any one of the expressions represented in the list
Matches exactly m times
Matches at least m times but no more than n times
[: :]
Specifies a character class and matches any character in that class
Can have 4 different meanings: 1. Stand for itself. 2. Quote the next character. 3. Introduce an operator. 4. Do nothing.
Matches one or more occurrence
Matches zero or one occurrence
Matches any character in the supported character set, except NULL
Grouping expression, treated as a single sub expression
Specifies equivalence classes
Back-reference expression
Specifies one collation element, such as a multi character element

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